Thursday, 18 February 2010

Getting extra snoozing time in the first couple of months.

Probably the best invention so far. Red Castle's COCOONaBABY is an ergonomic shaped nest for newborn babies which helps them adapt to life outside their mother's womb. Its curved shape allows babies to sleep in a semi-fœtal/cradled position, with their shoulders and spine slightly rounded: a comforting position for any newborn. The COCOONaBABY is recommended by midwives and pediatricians as it reduces gastric reflux, minimises the risks of flat head syndrome, allows babies to turn their heads from side to side (increased interactivity) and improves the quality and therefore length of the baby's sleep.
For babies like my son, who do not like being swaddled in the popular Miracle Blankets, the COCOONaBABY is a perfect replacement. I take it with me every time I travel with baby L. because, as I've experienced, a change of environment can be quite disturbing for small babies. But with this nest, my son will almost immediately stop crying, sit there calmly and eventually fall asleep.
Given that a baby will only use it for approximately 4 months, the COCOONaBABY is quite an investment (EUR 150) but if you think it will allow you and your baby to get some extras hours of sleep, I reckon it's worth every penny. And the icing on the cake: Red Castle offers several colours to match any nursery!

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