Sunday, 4 April 2010

Made in USA.

©LaFranglaiseAs it is custom at the moment, baby L. has once again been showered with presents. This time, it was American Apparel outfits... for babies! I had only a couple of times walked in an American Apparel shop in Paris and never noticed the baby/kids corner. Probably because back then, before being pregnant and having my son, I was not yet equipped with my powerful baby radar (nowadays, it's beyond my control. I cannot go anywhere without spotting baby shops!). The Los Angeles based brand which is well-known for making fashionable basic cotton knitwear with flashy colours and no visible logo arrived in France in 2004 and today, there are seven shops in Paris alone. Despite all their worldwide locations, American Apparel does not outsource its labour, making it one of the very few brands exporting "Made in USA". As I returned to the first ever shop that oppened in Paris @ Marché St. Honoré, I could hardly resist buying some more outfits for baby L. You can check out the online store here, where they not only have clothes for men, women, children and babies but also...dogs! Only in America. Woof!

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