Monday, 3 May 2010

Baby massage.

When I went to l'Espace Weleda a couple of weeks ago, my baby radar (which is way too efficient these days) detected a workshop on how to massage babies. Of course, it did not take long before I decided to sign up for it.

I went last Friday with my friend Aurélie whose son is just three days older than baby L. During one full hour, an experienced physiotherapist showed us several different techniques to effectively massage our wee(ing!) ones, including 10 min of baby exercises. Our bubs were so calm and relaxed after the workshop, they spent most of the afternoon sleeping. What better effect could you wish for?! If you are interested in viewing some of the techniques, Weleda has developed this useful online guide. All Weleda products are 100% natural, therefore unharmful for babies, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers. The workshop is a little clostly (EUR 50) but definitely worth it. Not only are you tought effective methods to massage your little one which are easy repeat at home but you come out with a happy and comforted baby.

Espace Weleda
10 avenue Franklin Roosevelt
Paris 8ème

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