Wednesday, 9 June 2010

4 mois.

photo ©LaFranglaise

My little monkey is four months old today and is changing so much. He loves babling away, playing with his toys and feet and is ever so observant. He is always smiling and now giggles when we play tickling games. The little monkey has started teething so he puts absolutely everything and anything in his mouth. We are also working on the new crying fits at bedtime by reading him stories and singing lullabies. I have tried telling him how lucky he is to be going to bed at 8 o'clock and sleeping for 12 hours when his mummy only gets about 6 hours sleep every night but he doesn't listen. Naughty baby.


  1. 4 months already! how time flies. he is so adorable...xo

  2. so cute! too bad he doesn't listen to you when you tell him how lucky he is... I wish I could sleep 12 hours every night!!


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