Monday, 19 July 2010

Learning to eat.

Last Thursday was a big day in the life of baby L. Not only was it his first time at the nanny's, it was also his first time eating non-milk food. And the spoon is always way more fun than the actual purée.


  1. such a cute little vid! it's crazy to see how fast babies grow!

  2. thx! yep, they change every day it is fascinating to see :)

  3. Oi Carine, também acho seu blog muito bacana. Inclusive ele está no meu blogroll. Vc é brasileira? Pq o blog está em inglês e vc deixou os comentários em português... Fiquei curiosa! Muito lindo seu filho, parabéns.

  4. That vid made my day! So darn cute...
    It's funny how these milestones are always more significant to us mummas!


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