Friday, 16 July 2010


It is quite scary to see how dependent we are on computers these days. On Tuesday, life at the office came to a halt as we experienced a sudden power cut. Clearly, we live in an era where an office does not function without PCs, let alone without electricity. One fine example is simply the fact of not having any windows in our toilets at work, meaning that whoever had nature calling that afternoon had to do their business in pitch black or simply “bottle it”. And speaking of bottle, no water was available either as the vending machines were obviously down and so was our water fountain (which I found out, is powered by electricity). After an hour of twisting our thumbs at our desks, an announcement was finally made asking everyone to evacuate the premises because the power would not be fixed until another couple of hours. As the thousands of employees made their way out the building, it was amazing to notice how quiet the office actually was with all the machines on ‘off’. I realised, we work in an environment polluted by computers, printers, photocopiers, air con and the likes, and that on a daily basis we don’t even notice any of this machinery overuse. It makes you wonder how people managed before technology took over our day to day and whether in the end, it really does improve our quality of life.


  1. I know! It's so strange when all the electricity is off and it's really quiet. It really shows what kind of stress we might put our bodies under with that white noise without realizing it..... so guess the weather was pretty bad! Did it start hailing where you were?

  2. Un monde de dingues ;) c confirmé!


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