Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Easy nappy changing.

by Bo Design

There is nothing worse than being out with friends and having to leave your little one in his/her smelly nappy for hours and eventually rush home to make that nappy change because no facilities are availble. Something not so uncommon here in Paris. When baby L. was smaller, I'd improvise and change him on toilet seats, in his pushchair, or squeeze him on a tiny surface between two sinks in the restroom. But nowadays, my improvised changing tables are a little too risky not only because baby L. is much bigger but also because he is way more active than before and fidgets a lot. So what a good surprise it was during our trip to the UK that all cafés, restaurants and pubs had changing facilities. Only once in two weeks was I in a bit of a pickle to change my little man. That is because it is actually mandatory that napping-changing facilities be provided in all toilets unless there is absolutely no sufficient space. How practical, eh? I hope France will soon be follow the example of these British "family friendly" public facilities.


  1. Oh dear, I completely understand and share your feelings. Here in Barcelona I can NEVER find a place where I can change little Max.

    We should start an internet movement on this. What do you think?

    ps. by the way, did I tell you baby L. ESTÁ LINDO????

  2. Sounds like a good idea, actually. I'm with you on this if you'd like to get the ball rolling!

    And thanks for the sweet words. Max n'est pas mal non plus. These boys are gonna break some hearts!

  3. a part of me is surprise and another isn't...

    I feel france is so welcoming to a mother to be or even family in general, but I can completely see that they aren't so baby friendly when it comes to cafes and restos....

    if they can get rid of smoking (!!omg!!), they can become more baby friendly!

  4. Jacquie, you are so right! The smoking ban in public places was one of the biggest challenge for the French. So making these places more baby friendly should be a piece of cake in comparison!


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