Saturday, 21 August 2010

Paris Plages 2010.

Ever since I moved to Paris four years ago, I make it a habit (this year was an exception) to not go on holiday in August. Why? Because most (dare I say all!) Parisians are on holiday, making daily life in the city so much more relaxing and enjoyable; it is my favourite time of the year to live here. Some Parisians, however, simply cannot afford to go on holiday which is why the town hall brings summer fun to the city with events such as the Open Air Cinema at parc de la Villette, Cinéma Clair de Lune, Paris Jazz Festival and of course Paris Plages.

Every summer for a month, the two-lane urban expressway on the right bank of the Seine is closed to traffic to create a seaside atmosphere to the city with sand, deck chairs, palm trees, playground areas, water fountains, bars & ice cream parlours. Before it closed yesterday evening, we made our way over there to enjoy a sunny moment on this makeshift beach.

See more of how the river banks come alive here.


  1. how amazing! looking forward to seeing more of your parisian summer :)

  2. i've always wanted to go to the seine 'beach'...thanks for bringing it to me with your pics!
    have a wonderful week...
    ps - i'm your latest follower...

  3. Hey!

    So glad you stopped by my blog, and I've enjoyed reading yours. I'll be back. ;)


  4. oh the band by the river... i am dying. i want to go! :)


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