Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Soft toys for wee ones.

My dears, these days I am still finding it hard to write any kind of post. After putting baby L. to bed and having a quick dinner, I have only just about started to read your lovely blogs when the bags under my eyes start to weigh me down so much, I have to crawl into bed myself a couple of hours later. I don't know when slower-paced work days will be back but I am hoping soonish and with that, more regular posts on Smallesthings. In the meantime, I will try to keep my word and share with you some of the lovely gifts my little L. has received since he was born. Today, it's all about soft toys...


Walrus rattle, by Brio. This was one of baby L.'s favourite toy from 2-5 months. It is soft, easy to hold, and teething baby likes to chew of Walrus' long teeth! Definitely the coolest rattle I've seen so far. A present from our friends in Berlin.

Handmade crocheted elephant, by Anne-Clair Petit. A gift by Mr. Franglais to our wee one.

Dragobert, by Moulin Roty. A quirky and very colourful rattle that babies can easily hold and play with.

Duck soother, by Jellycat. This is baby L.'s doudou (it comes with us everywhere). Our friends who bought it for Liam got the same soother when their son was born a couple of years ago and it immediately became his doudou so they decided to give L. the same prezzie.

Éléphant, by Histoire d'Ours. This little guy is so soft and cuddly, and looks perfect in L.'s nursery.

Steif & Peter

Sophie, by Steiff. A German designer bear from L.'s great auntie in England; and a Peter Rabbit rattle, from L.'s sweet godmother in London.

Musical bear

Dream Bear, by Nattou. This was probably the gift that touched me the most because it was sent from my piano teacher in Normandy with whom I'd lost touch for over 10 years and only recently found again. We use this bear all time at nap- and bedtime because it plays the most adorable music. It also has ribbons on the back so that you can tie it to your little one's cot. A small and perfect gift for any baby.

Hope you liked this selection. Bonne nuit les amis et à demain!


  1. These are all beautiful! Good night and i hope you get a good night's sleep:-). xx

  2. sweet post :)
    i hear you on finding it hard it to find the time to keep your blog posts going.. days are just flying by for me! x captn

  3. oh so cute!!! love that crocheted elephant!

  4. I know, aren't Anne-Claire Petit's crocheted animals so adorable!

  5. That crocheted elephant is simply awesome! And the photobooth pictures in the last post are too! So cute!xx


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