Sunday, 12 September 2010

Weekend in bed.

There was I, not understanding why I was so exhausted earlier this week until Friday came along and I just couldn't make it out of bed and off to work. It was a nasty throat infection. And by that time it was too late, I had passed my germs onto to baby L. So we've both spent the weekend caughing, sneezing, not eating, with fever, the lot. It's been horrible. And I'm already wondering how we are going to get through the day tomorrow, me at work and him with the child minder. Being sick reminds me of how much I want summer to stay and winter to never come... brrr!


  1. Oh that sucks! It's awful when an adult is sick, but when your baby is sick, it's the worse! I hope that you both get well soon. I don't want winter to come either. xx

  2. Thanks ladies. As my mummy friends have told me, I guess this is just the beginning of many germs L. is yet to catch as he learns to build his immune system. Have a lovely week!


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