Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Keith Haring

Vilac has a new rocker inspired by Keith Haring.
How much more fashionable than us, can our wee ones get?



  1. Très joli, j'adore.
    Je publie sur Twitter :!/lePoussetteCafe/status/27925200220

    Quand-est-ce qu'on vous y retrouve ?

    le Doudou

  2. That is cute. And i completely think little ones are so much cooler. I wish i could be as well dressed as my nephews (before they get food all down themselves and grass stains all over their clothes, of course!) xx

  3. Fancy, fancy :) Trop mignon j'adore, faut pas que le montre a ma mere, elle va adorer puis l'acheter a Oscar pour Noel et qui va devoir se taper un mega bagage hors norme a ramener aux US ? c'est bibi :) xx


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