Sunday, 3 October 2010

weekend shopping.

Yesterday, we decided to go buy some toys for our growing bubba and discovered the most amazing place: le village JouéClub. It is a 2,000 square metre kiddy wonderland located in the Passage des Princes, one of Paris' many old fashioned glass-roofed shopping arcades. There are over a dozen shops which are seperated by theme: Legos, dolls, puzzles, educational & creative toys, costumes, wooden toys, toddler toys, and many, many more (there is even a hairdresser for wee ones). But the best find was this. A toy my mum was telling me about just the other day and that I had when I was a kid. Like Sophie la girafe, it's one of those toys that will never grow old.

Village JouéClub
3/5 boulevard des Italiens
75002 Paris

ps: and as you can see, L. carried all the shopping bags home. Good boy.


  1. I remember those blocks. I'm not sure if I had them but I remember playing with them. xx PS. I love that tee shirt. I haven't seen that one before.

  2. haha, that place sounds amazing... a place my husband would love to spend the day in i'm sure! Love the last photo, did you have to carry your stroller on the metro stairs??!! what a load! haha....

  3. @Anna- pretty cool tee, eh? My man bought it in London and he got me the same one :)

    @Jacquie- I'm sure your hubby would love the place. It's a must for everyone, kiddies, parents, or not parents. It's a wicked shopping centre, but Parisian style! xx

  4. That sounds like the most awesome shopping street in the world. Seriously! I had those blocks when I was younger. The best toys never get old! And Lenny really is a very good boy carrying the bags for his mama! xx


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