Sunday, 21 November 2010

Made in Brazil.

Yesterday, baby L. and I went for a relaxing walk in Montmartre with our friend Ciara. It was one of those crispy cold, sunny winter days. The cafés were buzzing, the tourists were Amélie-ing and the early Christmas shoppers were enjoying first-choice shopping. As we were walking along one of the pretty hilly streets, we came across Tudo Bom, a franco-brazilian shop that has only very recently opened its doors. I got chatting to the manager who explained that the clothes are made in Brazil from organic cotton that is grown in the country. This eco-friendly label offers fun and colourful clothes for men, women and children. I didn't resist a similar skirt to this one. Visit the e-shop here or go to:

Tudo Bom
8, rue des Abbesses
75018 Paris


  1. You must be sooooo happy to live in Paris! I've never been there but finally I'v managed to take some time off and in January I'm visiting Paris for the first time :D :D

    I already read LonelyPlanet from top to bottom, but do you have any 'insider' recommendations? Like where to eat, that it's not too expensive but still delicious, or where are cool little vintage shops and stuff like travel guides don't offer?

    I'm sorry because this comment is not post-related, but I'd be so happy if you'd be so kind and write a line or two about where to go in Paris, if of course, you're not too busy

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. Canon cette photo, je veux ce chapeau et ce pantalon sarouel (pour avoir l'air cool et me la peter a Boston cet ete :) bisous

  3. love montmartre... every time i trek to buy sewing supplies i always stop in at least one store to add some inspiration to my day. i'll have to check this one next~!

    ps. such a wonderful day saturday to walk, some sunshine! =)

  4. @nuša zupanc - I'll be more than happy to share some typical Parisian places with you (the not so touristy ones). I have a busy week ahead of me but I'll drop you an email soon. I promise. How exciting that you are coming on a trip over here - you are going to love it!

    @Marie - j'aimerais pouvoir me la jouer avec ce sarouel aussi mais je n'ai meme pas oser l'essayer. Ca ne donnera pas du tout le meme effet que sur la photo! ;)

    @Jacquie - I love going to the Marché Saint-Pierre. I take it that's where you go for all the sewing supplies. Saturday was a lovely day and then Sunday just aweful (dare I say, again!). Rain rain go away, come back another day!

  5. I love the trousers and t-shirt in that picture. Oh, and the hat too. And the skirt you bought. This is a shop I should steer clear of for fear of spending far too much.
    How wonderful to stroll through Paris over the weekend. I feel another trip across the sea coming on! xx

  6. thank you, I can't wait for your tips :D mais, prenez votre temps, rien ne presse :)

    ( my email is:

  7. je t'ecris tres bientot. C'est promis!

  8. checked out their site, nice cardigans for boys too. Good stuff.


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