Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Monthly baby bodysuit stickers.

Baby L. aka Hilarious says a big thanks for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post. To tell you the truth, I felt very amateurish with my "quick & easy" photo collage compared to this and this. Nonetheless, it is my simple way of remembering my days of bumpmania and L's first nine months in this world. I hope that one day he will cherish these photos as much as I do now. Here are some fun stickers from Picky Sticky to start your own (maybe more professional) monthly baby portraits.


  1. Baby L is adorable and thanks for sharing the stickers!

  2. these stickers are genius...i have to get some for when my little one arrives. thanks for the tip!

  3. wow I loved this video you shared, pretty amazing (thanks for the link)
    These stickers are brilliant... xxx


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