Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Last month, I spotted the Frankie 2011 calendar on the lovely Coelho Culture blog and immediately had the urge to buy it. Lucky me I thought, my younger brother was on an exchange programme for a semester in Adelaide so I was going to order it on line, send it to his Aussie address and have him bring it back to me when he returned to Paris in January (otherwise it was going to cost $45 just for postage - more than the actually calendar!). Anyway, I ended up doing what I almost always do - I watched it be sold out.

Here's how it went: I hesitated buying the calendar for several days because I didn't want to bother my brother with the extra luggage weight, then I finally decided to place the order, until I hesitated again, in between always checking the online shop to see if it was still there, until one day I was about to order it at work when forgot my brother's address at home, so I postponed the order again and checked on line yet again to make sure the calendar was still there...which is it was, until last Sunday when was at last ready to place the order by which time of course, there were none left. I could have kicked myself. I always do that; I see something I really like, take forever or just postpone making my mind up on whether or not to buy it -altogether checking (almost daily) that the item I have my eye on is still available - until one day it is no longer there and I am "surprised". When will I learn my lesson? Now because of this lark I will be missing out on a year's worth of inspiring international artwork. 

So instead, I have just ordered Spaces, Frankie's latest gem which covers beautiful interiors from all over the world, "where creative people live, work and play". Take a glimpse below at the beautiful spaces. 

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  1. That sucks about the calendar ... but Spaces is amazing! You'll love it. Merry christmas, Kellie xx

  2. That sucks about the calendar ... but Spaces is amazing! You'll love it. Merry christmas, Kellie xx

  3. spaces is good. if the calendar comes back in stock you can send it to me and i'll put it in the post to you. would be my pleasure. merry christmas.

  4. i do stuff like that ALL the time! when will we learn that it will be okay and we can do things for ourselves!

  5. I've ordered this book too after seeing it on Kristi's blog. I can't wait for it to arrive as a little New Year present! xx


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