Friday, 17 December 2010

Pink Panther.

   Blake Edwards 1922 - 2010

What a week! It has been intense, but good. I am not on holiday yet, although Monday should be my last working day for 2010. There will be news in the new year on the professional front. I am probably mad to be embarking on an opportunity that will surely not help me in my search for the perfect work/life balance, but I am thrilled at the thought of my career evolving in the right direction, especially so soon after returning from a fairly long maternity leave. I did insist before accepting the offer that I would not be a workaholic as I want to continue watching my baby grow into a toddler, and into boy. He is my priority right now and I want to keep things that way, regardless of whether that means I would have to reconsider my decision in the future if things did not go to plan. But as of now, all is positive so I am looking forward to celebrating my wonderful news "en tête à tête" with my litlle man this weekend while Mr. Franglais is in Liverpool for four (long) days enjoying mince pies, cream teas and all sorts of other delicious English treats! Jealous (just a tad).

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. congrats on your new thing going on! i'm sure you'll be able to balance just fine, you're a mom after all!! (haha and moms and can do anything...)

  2. Thank you for your comments on my blog! I check yours regularly and really enjoy it! Have a great holiday xxx

  3. Yey for the exciting news. Whatever it is, you totally deserve awesome things! You're so lucky to have only one working day left. I'm seriously jealous! xx
    ps. The Mr will be enjoying some serious snow. We just woke up to loads!! xxx

  4. YAY ! Congratulations poulette that's awesome :) A good way to end the year, I'm really happy for you
    Where are you spending the holidays ? We're going back to Francia in 5 days !! So excited
    bisous xxx

  5. Yay!! Im so happy for you,sweetie...Big congrats and I bet that you will do great! Wish you a lovely night:) Sleep tight:)


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