Monday, 31 January 2011

Happy Monday.

My 2011 calendar has finally arrived - all the way from Seoul, South Korea. It is smaller than I expected but gorgeous nonetheless. I love the quirky and colourful designs which I will be able to frame once the calendar expires.

Be sure to visit Mipa Lee's shop on Etsy.


  1. It's super cute! And that's a great idea to frame the pages once you're done with it. It's always so sad to just throw a beautiful calender away at the end of the year.

  2. Thanks for the link to the shop. etsy is just amazing isnt it?

  3. I love making prints with old calendars! Cute!

  4. Very cute colourful calendar. Meant to say, loved your gold necklace in the last post too.
    Oh and after I posted my "9months in and out" I later realised I didn't credit you for the idea. SORRY!

  5. Somebody has been getting goodies from all around the world lately :) good for you !
    Now I realized I forgot to wish baby L a (very late) happy 1st bday so here, bon anniversaire petit bout de chou, bisous a toi et a ta (super) maman xx

  6. Oh, I am looking for a calander that shape. And what that doesn't have puppies or kittens on. I'm going to check out that Etsy shop now xx

  7. That is such a cute calendar. I also love framing calendar pages after it expires! Thanks for your lovely comments, sweetie
    Have a great day

    Ps: I am hosting Paloma’s Nest GIVEAWAY today:).Just in time for Valentine’s Day!


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