Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Les soldes d'hiver.


Les soldes are finally here.

In France, we only have sales twice a year - from mid January to mid February and again in the summer. So when les soldes begin, it is like Christmas all over again: the stores are clustered with eager shoppers and every other person in the street is walking around with a bag full of goodies. Although the deals get more interesting as the weeks go by, the best bargains are for the early shoppers. In fact, I have to confess that in the past, I have even taken a day off work just to go shopping on the first day of les soldes.

Now, as a busy working mama, my days of shopping after work are over; and I have a rule not to go near the main shopping areas on Saturdays because I cannot cope with the crowds and queues. Instead, I will be visiting my favourite, more quiet little local shops this weekend. And as for L., I bought all his goodies on line today and got the bestest bargains. God bless the Internet.

image ©Mlle Bé


  1. Ah, the sales. How I love thee. Too bad this year I was too skint to buy much. Can't wait to see what lovely things you found, and a trip to some little local boutiques this weekend sounds darn heavenly xx

  2. I KNOW! I got gift certificates for my bday in sept. and and saved most of the money for the sales! I'm so happy they're here!

    can't wait to see what googies you get at the lovely locals!

    (ps. i love shopping online, it's like christmas in the mail!)

  3. @Dame: for my son, I shopped at and They have the cutest items! I also really like Little Fashion Gallery and Le Poussette Café online boutiques. Check out the list of my favourite online shops under E-Love (on the right menu of my blog). Where do you like to shop?

  4. Agreed. Now that babe is here the internet is a saving grace!

  5. I live in Vancouver Canada, and Europe or NY seems to be the place to buy childrens clothes. So i shop alot online as well, including the ones you mention. Though in Seattle there is now an All Saints store which is quite cool for little ones, I have a boy 5 and a girl who is 8. The 8 year I find quite difficult as I don't want her in teenage things and she is too old for the brands i used to buy for her. We have a Zara and that usually pulls through if I can't get things online. But my the internet is a little too wonderful and easy! :) BTW thanks for your blog, it gives me lots of inspiration.


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