Wednesday, 23 February 2011

First birthday - partie 1

At long last, I have found a minute to share some photos of L.'s birthday with you. It was exactly two weeks ago today that our baby boy turned one. His grandparents (all four) and uncle (one out of three) came to Paris to celebrate this special day with us.

We went for lunch at Sizin, one of our favourite restaurants in the neighbourhood. It serves delicious Turkish food and contrary to many restaurants in Paris which stop serving at 2pm, here the kitchen stays open until 3pm so we were lucky to avoid the midday rush and have a relaxed lunch en famille. The restaurant staff is also always so friendly. The first time we ate at Sizin, I must have been about eight months pregnant and the sweet waitress brought me extra food saying "c'est pour le bébé, de la part du chef"*! I thought that was so cute.


I love the photo series below taken over lunch. L. was so happy and smiley on his birthday - I think he loved being the centre of attention :-).

birthday fun

I've mentioned before that Paris is not a very baby-friendly city. Ever since L. became more mobile we found it hard to eat out as there were never any highchairs available or there was simply no room for us to enter places with a pushchair so we recently decided to buy a travel highchair, by Totseat. We used it for the first time on L.'s birthday and it worked great: real easy to set up and put away. L. sat at the table with us on his own chair during the entire lunch - it was so enjoyable.

After filling our bellies with scrumptious Turkish food, we went for a walk in hilly Montmartre...

walk was such a gorgeous day.



Later, we came back home to open cards, presents and blow out THE candle. My mum made a delicious chocolate cake which she brought over in seperate pieces, whipped together and voilà: an amazing duck cake! We were all so impressed.

duck cake


bday boy

Happy Anniversaire again to the sweetest, most amazing baby boy. And thank you to our families for making his first birthday one to remember. xx

Next up: the birthday party with our friends. Stay tuned!

* "this is for your little baby, on behalf of the chef"!


  1. oh my gosh!! that duck cake!!! i've never seen anything cuter. and you are SO BEAUTIFUL in those smiley pics with him :)

  2. Lovely pictures !

    Happy birthday baby boy

  3. Trop mignon, c'est cool de voir les photos, celles de vous 2 au resto sont craquantes :) bisous de Boston xx

  4. Yes, gorgeous baby and gorgeous Mum too! And fabulous duck cake! I can't believe it actually stands up. Looks like it was a beautiful day. Kellie xx

  5. Joyeux anniversaire petit homme! I love that last photo of L with the duckie, what a cutie. Plus the photos of mama and bub are darling. Best wishes for the year to come, I've enjoyed reading along.

  6. Haha, I laughed when you referenced 'THE candle'! :)

    I've just found your blog via Cassandra and JGee, what a lovely little spot on the net! Your little man is so handsome and grown up looking! :)


  7. What a beautiful day!
    Even Milan is not a friendly city with children, I don't know why but I thought Paris was more friendly than here... here is really hostile, as if being a child is a sort of desease. Sad.
    I love the duck cake : ))

  8. so sweet! and that duck cake is amazing!

    happy birthday L!

  9. Que lindo! Parabéns! Adorei o broche "I´m 1 today".

  10. What a sweet Birthday celebration:) Your mom did so well with the cake. How creative! I really love those photos of you and the little cutie:) So charming and sweet. Have a relaxing evening, darling

  11. Oh my goodness he's so darn cute. Beautiful pictures. Looks like the happiest of days. And awesome cake. xx

  12. What a special day! Looking forward to the rest.

    On an unrelated note...have you lived in Paris long? I've looked back through your blog to learn more about that but you're keeping it a mystery! ;)

  13. Thank you on L.'s behalf for all these birthday wishes. You are the sweetest readers!

    @190.arch - Paris and Milan sound very similar. Here we get "the look" when we walk in a restaurant; the one that means "Mon Dieu! surely you are not planning to eat here with a baby! Ha ha.

    @Lenita - engracado que vc tinha reparado no broche porque durante a festa com os amigos todo mondo tava comentando no tambem. Na verdade, era um broche muito simples que veio com um cartao!

    @Nicole - it's been four years (already!).

    Bises tout le monde xx

  14. Happy birthday little man!
    Your cake is so nice :)

  15. Happy birthday to your sweet boy and congrats on one year as a happy mama!!

  16. It's all so cute. The cake by grandma, the baby (the parents)...and it's so sweet that he was happy being the centre of attention!

  17. the duck cake is sooooo adorable! what a sweetie!


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