Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Midnight in Paris.

Did you know? Over here, Woddy Allen's new movie is out in cinemas: a romantic comedy set in Paris! I already have too much on this week to have time to go to the movies but I will be shooting over there first thing Monday evening to check it out.

And speaking of Paris, you may have noticed that I created a new category on my blog a couple of months back called "Paris city guide". It is pretty scarce at the moment but I will, in the near future, start posting more about some my favourite spots in town*. I enjoy so much receiving e-mails from readers asking for recommendations on things to do in Paris but I am mostly crap at replying. I was bad enough as it was before, but motherhood has permanemtly damaged any sense of time I had left. As my friends and family know by now, if I don't reply to e-mails immediately then you'll probably never hear back from me (I might be exagerrating a little when I say "never" but you get my point). That's my reality at the moment: running after time, counting every minute, trying endlessly to find my wonder woman outfit. So to avoid my silence "sounding" rude, I thought you'd be happy to find some Parisian treasure on my blog instead. And of course, it goes without saying that I'd love to hear some of the places you've visited in Paris and which you would like to recommend to me!

*note that my days as a party animal are over, so if you are looking to find out more about the Parisian night life, you will be disappointed. These days, I'm more interested in finding secret cafés and yummy restaurants than the latest trendy bar & club. Times have changed!


  1. i saw the movie a couple weeks ago and FELL IN LOVE with the city!! I felt like I was an american watching with french dreams in mind. (I've been mean to blog about it, but need to find that twist that i couldn't put my finger on...)

    anyway, it's aways nice to see you on here! ALSO, i've been meaning to add some of my favorite spots in paris too... i look forward to reading yours since I'm always stuck in my arrondissement and seem to never leave!

    Hope you're enjoying the weather, it has been so beautiful!!!

  2. adoro PAris e será um prazer ver esse filme que com certeza vai demorar ainda para chegar por aqui... aliás, gostaria de aproveitar para perguntar sobre a polêmica do véu para as mulheres mulçumanas. A França está aplicando a multa realmente? Outra coisa... você fica muito chateada se eu continuar escrevendo em português? Tenho sido meio folgada...

  3. I finally saw this last night (came out in Verdun last night) and I loved it! The scenery was amazing! I loved seeing Paris through Woody's eyes :) A very charming movie!

  4. I cannot wait to see this, seriously!

  5. looks fantastic! And I cant wait for your Paris Guide Posts!

  6. i will definitely be looking at your paris city guide...i'm moving to the 16th in august!!


  7. Ahh, great to hear it! Heading to Paris in two weeks and really need some insider info as the last trip we took there was a bit hit & miss as we didn't do much research. Looking forward to it! Also - I love Woody Allen, off to see if the movie will be shown in Ireland now : )

  8. I JUST saw the commercial for this and I want to see it right now! :D It looks so good!


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