Saturday, 8 October 2011

Autumn food.

We had a scrumptious autumnal meal tonight after an exhausting day of flat hunting:

1. artichoke dipped in vinaigrette sauce
2. butternut & sweet potato soup with avocado on toast
3. apple crumble
4. tea & biscuits (my weakness before bedtime!)

Thank you Em, Kellie and Cass for the recipe ideas. You can read more after the jump.

ps: Smallesthings reached 200 followers this week... and there's a little surprise in store to celebrate!

pps: trying to learn Photoshop and this is my first collage attempt... it only took me two hours to do (patience is a virtue, n'est-ce pas?).

1. Artichoke and vinaigrette sauce
- boil artichoke until soft (approx. 20-25min on medium heat)
- vinaigrette: 3 tbsp olive oil, salt, 1 tbsp vinegar, 1 tsp mustard. In a bowl, mix mustard and salt first, add the olive oil little by little until it blends with the mustard, then add the vinegar.
To eat, simply peel off the artichoke leaves and dip the tip (the side with the flesh of course) in the vinaigrette sauce.

2. Butternut & sweet potato soup, with avocado on toast
- see recipe here. I used one garlic clove instead of three, added a sweet potato to the recipe and replaced the ground coriander with fresh coriander leaves. I also did not add the dried chili flakes because I wanted our little man to be able to eat the soup without burning his tongue so instead I added a few drops of tabasco directly in our bowls before serving.
- avocado on toast: I toasted a couple of slices of baguette and crushed a ripe avocado with pepper and olive oil seasoning.

3. Apple crumble
- peel and chop 6 apples and place in a dish that goes into the oven
- mix with fingertips 100g sugar, 100g butter and 200g flour
- pour the mix over the apples and cook in the over on 180 degrees celsius for 20-25 min

4. Biscuits au beurre
- see recipe here. I added some cinnamon to my batch of bickies.

Bon appétit!

{images from here, here, here, herehere and here}


  1. Sounds YUM! I've never really had enough confidence to cook artichoke. But I think I'll try this. Kellie xx

  2. ooh im so glad you liked the soup! and what a menu!

    xo em

  3. Gosh! All of this sounds AWESOME! Can you come cook for me? :) The soup especially sounds super delicious! Plus it's served with avocado toast! It's a win-win meal! :)

  4. lovely! everything looks so yummy! :) and congratulations for such milestone :)

    p.s. try illustrator instead, it's so much easier. I use it for presentations all the time. Photoshop is trully pain in the ass.

  5. Soup with avocado on toast? What a fab idea! I think I may have to try that one :) x

  6. Oh that looks absolutely delicious...every bit! And I think you did a great job with your collages! Congratulations on your 200 followers! How exciting! I personally adore your blog!

  7. love love love love love.

    all this food sounds incredible!
    I'm so happy you shared it.


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