Thursday, 13 October 2011

A tea towel.

This pretty tea towel was waiting for me in the mail box this morning when I woke up. After one lost parcel, I'm glad this one managed to travel safely all the way from Texas to Paris. There's only one problem with this tea towel though. It's so darn pretty I feel like hanging it on my wall rather than wiping my dishes with it!

Here's Leah Duncan's websiteblog, and shop. I could literally buy everything single item she's selling...!

ps: don't forget the *giveaway* folks!


  1. i love your new tea towel. i've been meaning to ask you if you feel like doing some posts about the parisian apartments you're checking out while you're house hunting. i'd love to see them.. the good, the bad & the ugly! that's if you think you can sneak in a few photos!
    x captn

  2. ooh, so cute! I love the colors :)

  3. Hey! Thanks for popping over! How have I not come across you before? I feel most disappointed in my bloggy self. Thanks for the shop links, just what I needed- somewhere new to spend my money on pretty things!

  4. what a coincidence, i have the exact same tea towel!!! i met leah duncan at a craft fair here in san francisco. she is so nice and incredibly talented! :)

  5. I'm crazy about tea towels as well and this one is so cute:) Totally checking out her shop. Happy Friday, darling. Have a great weekend:) xo

  6. That is such a gorgeous card and tea towel! Lush :) x


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