Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy!

When I wrote my first post about breastfeeding, it was an exercise I was still learning to fully master. Today, as baby L. is six weeks old I am smiling as I look back at the challenge it used to be.
I couldn't breastfeed my son out of my comfort zone (see the "breastfeeding station" in the drawing above by Kaz Cooke). I needed my armchair, my nursing cushion, my phone, my bottle of water, my muslin square, my watch to time each feed; everything had to be within reach because I'd be "stuck" in that nursing position for a good while. Now, it takes no more 30min. I have done it at the restaurant, on a ferry, in the car (stationary of course), in the ladies room, at the doctor's, in the park, at the petrol station and even in the middle of a shopping mall on a busy Saturday afternoon! There's no being prudish when you've got a baby crying of hunger on your hands. No matter the place or time, those bosoms have got to come out. It took a lot of practice mixed with a great deal of perseverance to get to this stage but it was so worthwhile. There is such a sense of fulfillment to breastfeed a child that all the little inconveniences (mainly, the sleepless nights!) seem so trivial in comparison to having the chance to bond with my son in this priceless way.

photos ©LaFranglaise

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