Sunday, 21 March 2010

Cute Bunny Milly in her new home.

As the Etsy addict I am, I had been longing to find an original handmade soft toy for baby L. which would be both cute enough to for him to play with and at the same time decorate his nursery. Many hours browsing later, I and stumbled accross Sarah MacNeil's most fabulous shop: Koo & Poppet. Sarah is an architectural designer/mum/Koo&Poppet creator. Her soft animals are designed for children of all ages and I would add, for adults of all ages. You can find bunnies and bears in various colours and shapes, all of which carry a name and have "likes" and "dislikes". As I could not have them all, I finally decided to adopt Cute Bunny Milly. She likes snowflakes and dislikes toothaches... and is since yesterday a happy bunny in her new city, Paris!

Cute Bunny Milly in Paris
photo ©LaFranglaise

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