Friday, 12 March 2010

Pushchairs. So many to choose from!

Following our very first outing a couple of days ago, I thought I would write a post on the dilemna of choosing a pushchair.

After much research and hesitation, we decided to buy the City Link 2 pushchair by Red Castle. The French brand is becoming more and more visible on the streets of Paris though it is still not as popular as the famous MacClaren, which every other Parisian has these days. My main criteria when choosing between the various prams on the market were that it had (1) to be small and light enough to be lifted onto a bus or down a set of stairs, (2) to fit in our sardine-like lift and (3) to be easily manoeuverable around some of the narrowest areas of the city. Now that I have over a month's use of my pram, I can confidently say that City Link 2 is the pram you are looking for if, like me, you are a metropolitan mum. It is compact, light, folds and unfolds very easily, has height adjustable handles, and above all, it is suitable for a newborn baby (with the available pushchair units in full lie-back position) and can be used right up until the child is about 3 years-old.

For newborn babies, you can opt for the carrycot or the groupe 0 car seat (which has three reclinable positions) and which both fit on to the chassis. As we do not own a car, the groupe 0 car seat option was exactly what we needed because on a day to day basis it can be used as a carrycot equivalent on the pushchair (in full lie-back position) and, whenever we do want to rent a car to go on holiday, it turns into a car seat. How practical is that?

Red Castle pushchairs are also available in a wide range of colours, from your classic navy to bright pinks and blues.

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