Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ana Ventura - Cheia de amor.

Back when I was pregnant and started photo blogging on Flickr, I had this habit of looking through heaps of pregnancy and baby pictures as a way to see what was in store for me nine months down the line. One day, I came across this powerful shot of a newborn baby and discovered the work of Ana Ventura, a Portuguese artist and illustrator. Her work is frequently exhibited in Portugal and abroad, and this is her new masterpiece: cheia de amor, meaning full of love in Portuguese. It is dedicated to all mothers; to those who get pregnant with a belly bump and those who get pregnant with their heart. Simply beautiful.

"Dedico esta ilustração (...) para as mães que engravidam na barriga assim como para as que engravidam no coração."

I will post more about her work soon, once I finally get a chance to hang my three-month old purchase from her delightful shop. In the meantime, stay tuned via her blog.


  1. I love this picture too! It is listed as one of my flickr's favourite. The expression is soooo cute.

  2. obrigada pelas simpáticas palavras.
    Bem haja

  3. Aliénor, that's how I cam across it. So it's thanks to you really!

  4. Très sympa votre blog !
    Merci beaucoup pour le lien et votre commentaire ! Au plaisir de vous lire


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