Monday, 20 September 2010

Dinner in the sky.

Ever wondered how to turn an ordinary meal into a culinary adventure? Try dinner in the

Pretty dreamy, eh? If I could choose, I would have dinner in the Brazilian skies overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Where would you have your table with a view?




South Africa?



All of the above (eh, why not? we're allowed to dream!)?


  1. Yeah, pretty much any of the above would be good with me! My grandparents used to take us to the most amazing picnic spot in Dorset, really high on the top of the hill, that my Grandma referred to as The Top of the World, and it really did seem like that when we were small. That will always be a fab place to eat! x

  2. Nell, that sounds way more exciting than the dinner in the sky I'm promoting in this post! Actually, it reminds me of a place on top of a mountain my folks used to take my brothers and I for picnics when we were little which overlooked our hometown. I would do anything to go back there and revive that magical kiddie feeling of being on top of the world!

  3. oh fancy indeed!
    what a delightful post!
    splendid! x


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