Saturday, 18 September 2010

Weekend fun in Paris.

comedie francaise



Friends of ours are visiting from London this weekend and as usual, the Franglais household is totally unorganised, but aren't improvised weekends always the best? Last night we felt a bit like students again, eating take-away pizza, drinking bear and playing The Beatles Rock Band late into the night. Today, we ate Japanese "fast-food" on rue Saint Anne, took pictures on the colonnes de Buren, went window-shopping chez Colette, and drooled over hundreds of bottle of wine at Lavinia.

And while someone made a naughty purchase at 21 rue Cambon to mark her big 3-0...


...someone else spent the entire day sleeping because he was up all night teething!

teething effect


  1. Impromptu visits are the most fun! Sounds like you all had a great time and i know first hand about teething pains and losing sleep:-). I'm happy that baby L was able to get some much needed sleep though. Happy weekend! xx

  2. Ah Colette, one day I shall shop there!! How completely fantastic to live where you live! Thanks for dropping by my blog - it's shame you couldn't visit Bath on your trip over here! Let me know if you do one day and I'll let you in to the local secrets of the BEST places to eat and shop!! Glad you had a lovely weekend xxx

  3. what a wonderful weekend with friends!


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