Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday blue(s).

100821 - Paris in August
The weekend came and went too quickly; it feels like it's all work and no play at the moment. I'm looking forward to the end of the month for the long bank holiday weekend.


  1. don't worry that holiday will be nothing but sweet!

  2. Look at this collection of blue... I LOVE it!!

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

  3. Hang in there, c'est bientot la Toussaint :) xx

  4. love the blue!! i can definitely relate. I feel like time is flying, my days off work are just too short, and it's all work right now. I have a vacation coming up next week and I can't WAIT. good luck with everything!! :)

  5. I know what you mean about the weekends my dear. How come the weekdays can drag and the weekends zip on by? Not fair!!
    I love the blues, you always take the loveliest photos of your surroundings, makes me wish to be back in Paris!
    ps. thanks for the tip in the last post too. I really struggle to find cool but cute kicks for our nephews…may have to check out this site! xx

  6. I just happened upon your blog, and I absolutely love it!


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