Saturday, 16 October 2010

Munster Kids.

Today, I walked over to Not So Big in the 2e arrondissement to buy a gift for L.'s latest baby friend. It's a fabulous little shop with lots of superb items, from the famous Oeuf cots, to the Smiling Planet dishes, little Marc Jacobs clothes, and Flensted mobiles. While I was there, I feel in love with the funky Mini Munster clothes by Munster Kids. They look more like the type of clothes a rebelious teenager would want to wear rather than a little angelic baby but I guess that's what makes them so attractive.  Be sure to check out more Munsteresque clothes on their website or visit Not So Big.

38, rue Tiquetonne
75002 Paris


  1. I LOVE the first sweater...very cool

  2. Love, love, love it! Especially since I often think clothes for little boys is so a little bit of attitude with my threads!

  3. Awesome designs, aren't they? I've just noticed you can also find Munster items chez Mash n Gravy.

  4. so cute! i love the freaky pants & how good do they look under the mulder jumper? x captn


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