Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Angus and Julia Stone - live in Paris.

Siblings Angus and Julia Stone were on stage at La Cigale last night (my favourite venue in Paris) for an intimate two-hour show. Their unspoken connection and catchy folk songs were beautiful to watch live. The Australian artists perfectly succeeded in charming the Parisian audience with their soft voices and delicate melodies. A fascinating contrast between this chilled brother and sister duo and Saturday's self-proclaimed musical genius!

ps: I forgot to mention that they will be back in Paris on 26,27,28 April 2011 at Le Trianon (another great venue). 


  1. I love this clip...It such a beautiful song:)
    Kisses my dear
    Have a relaxing night

  2. Well lucky you seeing the coolest cats in town. They are amazing. They are Lenny's favourite artists at the moment; lots of swaying in our lounge room to the chilled sounds of the Stone siblings.

  3. their "down the way" album is my favourite at the mo :)

  4. Ah la Cigale !! Super chanson, je devrais telecharger leur album c'est la musique parfaite a ecouter dans la voiture le matin... thanks for sharing xx

  5. Such good stuff! Seeing them in Paris sounds pretty amazing.

    I'm hosting a giveaway - come check it out!

  6. thank you for all the great music! this is perfect for the weather and my mood this afternoon! Also, I feel I don't get out enough! I'll have to check this venue out!


  7. I would love to attend a show like that.

  8. C'était génial, j'ai adoré, ils sont tellement touchants. Ils ont réussi à créer l'atmosphère d'un petit concert privé!

  9. i love these guys.

    you lucky thing, getting to see them live!


  10. we love angus and julia here in australia too.
    your little boy is so cute. they grow way too fast!


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