Thursday, 9 December 2010

Devise de la semaine.

Going with the flow is my motto of the week. I am finding it hard to take the time to sit down in the evening and blog when there are so many things to do.

It snowed really heavily in Paris yesterday which created total chaos in the city and in my daily organisation as I couldn't use on my scooter, but seeing L. discover snow for the first time was really fun. I can't wait to take him skiing when he is older (I can't quite believe it has already been 11 years since I last went skiing. Where does time go?)

See photos of a white Paris here.

Illustration by Shelli Dorfe.


  1. happy snow day!!! we just woke up to huge snow flakes and gorgeous snow today :)

  2. I love the snow photos..Its snowing here too and I am so glad Im home today so I can enjoy looking at the snow flakes from my cozy sofa while working:)
    I so should get that poster! Sometimes its very hard to go with the flow for me. Especially, when I have million stuff to do...Wish you a great day, sweetie:)


  3. I wish it would snow here! Even though it makes a mess it's so pretty to look at. :] Going with the flow has been my motto this week too. Every morning on my way out the door my daughter has pulled some ridiculous stunt that stopped me and caused me to postpone my plans. :\ Yesterday we spend the morning in the dr's office because she put something in her ear!! Going with th flow, for sure. haha.

  4. This is a good motto. It's my husband's too. He's king of going with the flow and I'm queen of plan everything out. Together we manage to have spontaneous fun, while having things a little organised at least. The perfect combo!
    ps. those pictures of Paris in the snow are amazing. Beautiful xx

  5. Snow in Paris, sounds heavenly. I imagine that L really enjoyed seeing snow, right?

  6. that snow was beautiful! it felt like a movie... sorry to hear that it messed with the day!

    BUT Love the poster, that is my motto and I have a similar poster hanging in my kitchen (but it's roller skates and says 'roll with it')...

    Hang in there and know that if you have to skip a week and walk away from the blog world, we'll still be here and will be happy you took time for yourself!


  7. Wow, so much snow - it's so beautiful. I am sitting here in my sydney lounge room sweating from the humidity. Kellie xx ps I like your motto. Have you read buddhism for mothers? Get it. Read it. I think you'll love it xx

  8. wow, white paris looks absolutely beautiful! i was there in the spring a few years ago and experienced a massive hail storm while chowing down at Le Comptoir du Relais. i was happy to be inside enjoying a nice meal to say the least :]

  9. First time here and I am smitten. What a fun blog! I LOVE those pictures of Paris in the snow. I really pining for snow right now, so I find myself wanting to post snow pictures all over my blog.

    The Cheeky Cafe


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