Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tuesday tune: John Lennon.

I know it is Wednesday but given the date we are commemorating, I figured it was not too late for our weekly tune. Thirty years ago today, John Lennon’s iconic career was suddenly ended and hopes for a reunion of the most successful pop band in history had vanished. To mark this sad anniversary, I thought I'd share "Imagine" - one of Lennon's most symbolic tunes - to remind us he was not just a Beatle, but also an inspirational peace activist. Happy Wednesday Tuesday Tune!

Ps: and happy 30th birthday to our dear friend Mr. S., whose mother loved The Beatles so much, his middle names are John and Paul.


  1. I love the Beatles! I was a troubled kid, when I found out the John Lennon was dead, but I was convinced we were going to get married! :]

  2. Love it! Love them! My son is named Jude after all! :) So sad he's gone... I bet there was a lot more potential left in the man.

  3. I love the Beatles !! I started to learn english by listening to their white album and trying to translate the lyrics when I was 12-13... oh and then I ended up developing a crush on the young Paul McCartney....good times :) bisous

  4. Such an incredible man, amazing song, beautiful message. Lennon Legend is one of the highest played records in my house. Kellie xx

  5. Good shout lady. John Lennon was a legend and that's a title that can't be given to many people.
    ps. completely awesome middle names. I love that xx

  6. I have a huge love for Beatles!!! Also, wish your friend a very happy 30th Birthday:) Hugs and kisses


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