Sunday, 16 January 2011

Balloons for Sunday breakie.

Here's what we cooked for breakfast today (minus the balloons). Little big L's godmother is visiting from London this weekend and we've been loving the yummy English treats she brought over for us. If only Paris and London could become one - it'd be my perfect home!

{image David Sykes}


  1. Awesome picture. And is there anything better than food related treats? I think not! Lots of love xx

  2. i don't know. i'm all about nyc and paris... but london could be in the running i guess!! =)

    love the photo!

  3. This is so smart! love it! :D

  4. i think we're going to make paris our first family vacation! i haven't been there since i lived there in 2001, so i am thrilled.

  5. So so so very cute! I love London treats. Especially of the Mint Aero kind.


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