Friday, 14 January 2011

Dancers among us.

Dancers Among Us is an ongoing project by photographer Jordan Matter, featuring professional dancers in everyday situations around the Big Apple. When is he coming to shoot in Paris?

Bon week-end les amis!

{via Unstitched} / all images ©Jordan Matter


  1. haha! saw this and fell in love with it too! I really like the first photo with the subway in the background, I sent it to all my dancer friends from college!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing. I love series like this. Their bodies are insanely amazing.

  3. Awe.some. i had a go at childhood ballet, but those thick flesh coloured tights in a hot aussie summer are not fun! that said, my sister (aka kingsley) was a beautiful dancer.. will send her a link to this post :)
    x captn

  4. Fantastic! You always find the coolest things, thanks for sharing.

  5. Brilliant. You've gotta love some dancing on the street. Have a beautiful weekend xx

  6. Woww.. My sister is a ballerina and I can definitely see her as the mum with the stroller in a few years!


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