Monday, 24 January 2011

Bonjour et bonsoir.

Bonjour, how was your weekend? Mine was very lazy, entailing not much else* than going for a walk, having hot drinks, and perfecting my baking skills. Cupcakes are really big in Paris these days so I thought I'd follow the trend and make these wee cakes for the wee people who will be celebrating our little man's first birthday with us. I also went out and bought a few craft supplies to prepare my own cupcake toppers, birthday banners, and other bits and bobs for the party. Motherhood is bringing out the creative side in me (or at least I like to believe I have a creative side). Bonsoir!

* ok, that's not entirely true. There was also some wine drinking involved and a restaurant en tête à tête. My mum was visiting and looked after L. on Friday night + Saturday morning so that we could have a sleep in. Boy oh boy, do I miss those lazy mornings in bed.


  1. Happy Birthday to your cutie and those photos looks so beautiful:) Glad you had a lovely and fun weekend,sweetie

  2. Gorgeous photos. Lazy mornings in bed are absolutely devine.

  3. I miss sleep ins too. Even when Lenny has slept at Mum's I still get up on cue at 6am- annoying! L's birthday plans sound just lovely. We will be in South Africa for Lenny's so will be celebrating safari style!

  4. How I love and miss Paris! Lovely photos!


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