Monday, 24 January 2011

Le chef d'oeuvre.


My master piece(s)! They didn't taste as good as they looked, but it was a good start to many more hours of baking to come. Do you have any tasty recipes to share?


  1. Those look amazing! I never get my cupcakes to look that great :) But I did buy decorating sugar for Valentine's day and I'm super excited to try to make my cupcakes look cute!

    I posted a bread pudding recipe today if you're in the mood to bake that!

  2. Well, don't they look just perfect. Happy baking.

  3. these look's too bad they don't taste as good as they look but practice makes perfect!

  4. Miam Miam!

    I love love love this red velvet recipe made with beets - with a cream cheese icing they are perfect!

  5. i think they look delicious! x

  6. mmm, cupcakes! I keep meaning to make this plum cake tatin I saw on Barefoot Contessa awhile back.

  7. They look delish, I want to lick the icing off! This is my go to recipe fro chocolate cake and I use it for cupcakes too.

    Easy Chocolate Cake

    (half this quantity makes 12 medium cupcakes)

    300g flour(150 white, 150 wholemeal)
    3 heaped tsp baking powder
    100g cocoa (sifted)
    250g of raw sugar

    200g melted butter
    4 medium eggs
    450ml milk

    Pre-heat oven to 180C, line and grease a 22cm cake tin.
    Mix dry ingredients. Add combined wet ingredients.
    Beat until mixture is pale and silky looking.
    Pour into the tin and smooth out.
    Bake for about 45 mins to an hour. (or as cupcakes for about 40 minutes)

  8. Argh, my typo habit that won't go away and drives me nutso, sorry...
    fro = for

  9. I bet they tasted awesome. They look so good. I'm actually staring at them, longingly! Do you think they'd travel well in the post?! xx

  10. I like how they look and I'm sure they tasted very good!
    What about carrot muffins
    dressed as cupcakes, I think it can work and they are delicious!

  11. They look tasty !! I want one of those !!!

  12. I wish I had these in front of me right now on my snow day in New York!

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  13. I'm awful at baking but I have 2 cupcake shop recommendations for when you're over in London: Lola's Cupcakes and Hummingbird Bakery. I travel an hour across town in order to taste each of their wares!

  14. they look pretty good to me!

    when you have time pop round to my blog, I may have a few recipes.

    happy day to you ♥


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