Monday, 18 April 2011

Oh dear.

Hello, and thank you for the walm welcome back! Though far sooner than expected, I am going to have another blog break. Yep, I know. But our computer is kaput.

Fatalistically, I suppose it's the logical continuation of our jinxed life at the moment. While I was away this past month, we experienced quite a few - mainly financial - hiccups: my scooter broke down and I was told it would cost €900 to fix (*gulp!*), then I was told it was anyway only worth €100 (*gulp, gulp!*), then our car got towed and we had to pay €180 to get it back, then I lost a €70 cheque (yes, we still use those in France!), and low and behold yesterday our laptop screen broke (true story is, I left it on the floor by our bed by mistake and Mr Franglais stepped on it in the middle of the night). So thanks to me, we are now computerless.

Anyway, the sad thing is we have decided to cancel our mini getaway to Amsterdam this weekend. Luckily, our train tickets are reimbursable and I am hoping I can still cancel our hotel which was going to cost an arm and a leg given it was Easter weekend. Instead we will be heading to the IT shops and spend our money on a new computer. So Amsterdam, I will see you some other time. I didn't manage in 2010, nor this year... third time lucky?

ps: this is why I want to go to Holland in spring. It looks magical.

{photo - unknown source}


  1. oh no! This sounds like my life. Things don't go south often, but when they do, it's all at once. I broke my laptop & my camera all in one week!

  2. Ditto on Holland in spring. Wish I was there now. Hope things start looking up soon!

  3. Oh lady. Big love to you! Kellie xx

  4. Love your blog. I am a new follower and look forward to reading future posts.
    Would love you to take a look at my blog, if you like.


  5. oh sorry to hear about all of your woes! know that things will start looking up soon! xo

  6. Just discovered your blog...and am sorry to hear about the postponed trip. The tulips do look pretty magical but am sure you'll make it there soon!



    sorry to hear all the bad news! but family and smiles and a roof over your head always seem to help!

    glad you're back!


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