Monday, 9 May 2011

Belated weekend round up.

Hello friends, how was your weekend? I'm a bit late in asking, aren't I?! Well, ours was amazing if you'd care to know. We spent two days en tete a tete, living the carefree life again. We had lazy mornings in bed, went to restaurants, cafes, strolled hand in hand, reminisced about our days in Paris as a child free couple and laughed as we remembered the amount of spare time we had on our hands back then. Those were fun times, and I am glad we both keep the fondest memories of life our BC*. Speaking of which, our little man also enjoy his couple of days without us -- running around naked in his grandparents' garden, picking flowers all day and paddling in his wee pool. That's the life! When we went and got him up on Sunday he didn't even really care whether we were there or not. Too right: for a little city boy like him, exploring life a la campagne is way more interesting than kissing & cuddling his parents!

* before child


Oh, and something else happened over the weekend but that'll be for another post so you'll have to stay tuned!


  1. Such sweet pictures!! isn't it amazing, in hindsight, the amount of free time you had before having a baby?

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos! Kellie xx

  3. Oh gosh, those pictures of him are too cute for words! I love his little hat!

    Glad you guys got some alone time - it's good for everyone I'm sure :)

  4. Olá
    que bom ver notícias... esse fim de semana foi a festinha oficial de 1 aninho do Daniel. Logo, logo vou postar as fotos.
    As fotos do seu pequeno no jardim ficaram fantásticas. Lindas!
    E depois conta para a gente o que mais aconteceu do fim de semana.
    Aqui vai o post inspirado do broche "I´m 1 today"

  5. Those pictures are so beautiful!!
    We were in Paris a couple of weeks ago, I have to say you are so lucky, guys. It's a big city with big issues, I'm sure, but in some way somebody worries about children living in Paris : )

  6. Ummm I am guessing what happened over the weekend... and I am excited!!! Also, Liam is way too cute for his own good! Seriously!

  7. ahh... I'm so happy you had some lazy time!! what beautiful photos of paris and baby....

    haha, can't wait to hear the news!


  8. Carrie, adorei as fotos...

    Que jardim lindo né? E fiquei curiosa, que novidade é essa? Nao diga que é um irmaozinho né?


  9. sounds so lovely! your little guy is absolutely adorable in these photos! on the edge of my seat to hear what else happened over the weekend... :)

  10. what a stunning garden. love the cheeky photos! happy mother's day to you. x captn


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