Thursday, 5 May 2011

Brahms' lullaby.

musical owl

A little parcel was waiting for me in the mailbox tonight when I arrived home. It was the musical owl I ordered for L. last week from the lovely mimishop. There's a little story behind ordering this owl. You see, I had a musical peek-a-boo bunny that played Brahms' lullaby when I was a baby and the funny coincidence is that Mr. Franglais had exactly the same one. We realised this because the other coincidence is that, amongst all the things our mums could have kept from when we were little, they both hung on to these musical bunnies. So whenever L. visits his grandparents, he is rocked to sleep by the same sweet bunny that played our childhood lullaby. The melody is so enchanting, L. loves it - and so do we! Which is why I couldn't resist buying this cute Brahms' lullaby owl on Etsy the other day. And as you can see in the photo, Mr. Owl has already found a special place in L.'s room.

Sweet dreams everyone xx


  1. The same musical bunny? That is the sweetest! Love Mr Owl.

    Is it Mother's Day over in France this weekend? Well, even if not I'm sure I can wish you 'happy mother's day' from Oz too :)

  2. That is delightful. Hope you have a wonderful mother's day!

  3. Lovely! And lovely that you both had one too : )

  4. What a lovely find. What did we do before Etsy?!

  5. oh i love it! love the story of matching bunnies & love the owl. gorgeous! x


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