Monday, 30 May 2011

Je t’aime maman.


Hello! How was your weekend my dears? We went down to Fontainebleau this weekend to leave our little fella with his grandparents. His childminder is on holiday this week so they will be looking after him until Wednesday evening (Thursday is a bank holiday and we are ponting). At lunch time today, my father-in-law rang me for a quick chat because apparently L. kept calling out for me and as soon as he put him on the phone, the first thing he said was “t’aime maman”. I was gobsmacked! He repeated it about four or five times so it wasn’t an imaginary I love you. He really meant it. My heart totally melted and I almost shed a tear it was so cute. How much more magical can these moments get? Life really is so much sweeter since this little cherrubs became a part of our lives. And I am one lucky lady to have not only one, but two cute boys in my life.


  1. Wow wow WOW! What a clever little man and so so cute. Kellie xx

  2. just in time for mother's day! how sweet...

  3. totally agree with Brenna on this one! Just in time!

    Funny, I'm going to Fontainebleu this weekend too! But just on Thurs/friday! Can't wait to see what adventures you go through...

    also enjoy the break!

  4. thanks for the sweet comments. it's true that he planned his first i love you quite well!

    @Jackie: enjoy Fonty - it'll be lovely there this weekend. Let me know if you need bonnes adresses!


  5. so cute! I am trying to get my daughter to say it to me - but she'll only say she loves the dog :)

  6. Aw! That made my heart melt!

  7. Oh! The sweetest photo and sweetest story too. Melts my heart as well. The little ones sure do add a touch of realness ans spirituality to life.

  8. I think I would have cried .... so lovely and what a gorgeous moment you have captured with that photo!!

  9. That's so lovely! And I love the photo xxx


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