Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tuesday Tune: Fleet Foxes

I’m still on a high from the concert I went to last night – it was amazing. I think I even let out a squeal of excitement when my friend e-mailed at 5pm to say he had a spare ticket for Fleet Foxes. I do miss those spontaneous moments, so it’s nice when they magically appear again. Two hours later, instead of spending a dull evening alone at work whislt the mister was at another concert, there I was at the Bataclan sipping beer and listening to great music. Here’s a video of Fleet Foxes playing live at a venue a tad bigger than the one where I saw them last night. Bonne écoute people!


  1. ahhh siiggghhhh. so jealous!i can't even imagine how amazing they were live!

  2. Fleet Foxes are amazing, I'm jealous!

    Don't you just love spontaneous nights out?

    x claire

  3. we saw fleet foxes last year and it was one of the best show ever! and I think that they are even better live...a bit more up beat:)

  4. A concert! And Fleet Foxes, no less. I'm jealous on both counts. I need to be better about having a life outside of work and baby...sounds so lovely.


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