Monday, 11 July 2011

Cocktails + Barcelona

I'm From Barcelona

I'm from Barcelona

Howdy friends, what a weekend. Little L. was sick yet again (that's three times in two weeks) and this time he threw up, not at home but in the middle of the supermarket and all over his dear mama. I had his lunch all down my jeans and inside my top, it was delightful. A very lonely motherhood moment. Luckily, we were in the middle of the clothes and baby section so mister Franglais was able to quickly grab some clean outfits for both me and L. The poor cherubs then spent the rest of the weekend with a soaring fever and no appetite, and as soon as he started to feel better it was Mr. Franglais' turn to get ill. Needless to say, it was not a great two days for any of us.

That said, I personally did have fun on at least two nights out of three. Friday, a friend of mine took me to a fun bar called the Experimental Cocktail Club in quartier Montorgueil. It was more hip than I expected, but the staff was extremely friendly and the international crowd brought to the place a more relaxed atmosphere. The bar had old fashioned wood beams on the ceiling, cosy dimmed lights and comfy chesterfield couches to lounge on. And of course, as the name suggests we spent the evening sipping delicious cocktails.

Yesterday, I went with the same friend to La Cite de la Musique to see Swedish band I'm From Barcelona and wow, what an entertaining concert! I hesitated for so long before buying the tickets because I didn't know the band too well but I'm glad I went ahead and spent the money because it was such a treat. It felt like we were at someone's party rather than a concert, and everyone - with no exception - was participating in the fun. Their songs are irresistibly catchy and their energy totally contagious (there were 17 of them on stage!) - it was refreshing to see a band have such a good time and simply play music for the sake of loving music. I came home with a big smile on my face, humming light but bubbly melodies and feeling happy that I treated myself to a such sunny concert.

Experimental Cocktail Club
37 rue Saint-Sauveur
75002 Paris

Cite de la Musique
221 avenue Jean Jaures
75019 Paris


  1. Sounds amazing! Sometimes favourite bands are born from going to a concert on a bit of a whim when you don't know a lot about the band... they're always my favourite gigs - I love new discoveries.

    You are so lucky to be in Paris with all these incredible events and venues! I'm a little bit jealous... xx

  2. WOW! what a great show! Love the pictures. Sorry to hear the little one is sick.
    Smile on!

  3. Aw, sorry to hear about your two boys being sick. I hope they're on the mend now. Glad to hear you got out and had some fun for yourself :-)

    Sal x

  4. your w/e sounds awesome (except for the being thrown up on part), but poor guy!! i hope he is feeling better.

  5. Oh poor you. I can totally empathise with the being barfed on experience. The worst is when it embeds itself in your bra!! Hope the little man is feeling better x

  6. I love the balance in this post. Mamahood and fun go hand in hand.

  7. Oh, I love this cocktail bar...

  8. oooh, thanks for sharing these locations!

    glad you could enjoy yourself still and not get too bonged down with the sick loved ones in the house!

  9. Hello!! How happy I am to find you! OH, Paris... I pine for you. At least i can get my dose here, on your blog.

    xo em

  10. Ahhh, such a beautiful life:-) xoxo

  11. that sounds like so much fun!!! your description of the concert was so great, i felt like i was there with you guys! :)


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