Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Toy Baskets.

This past weekend, we got rid of L's playpen from our living room. It had been very handy, but since we live in a flat and are always craving for more space, it was time the playpen went (instead, we have made L.'s room completely secure and put up a kiddie gate at the door*). As it was full of toys, I've transfered everything into a bag for now but I like the idea of these colourful toy baskets to keep the living room neat & tidy. They are handwoven shopping baskets from Ghana which you can buy from here (UK) or here (US). What do you think?

* in case you're wondering, we don't have a habit of  'locking' our little boy in his room but we did need a secure place for him in the morning when we are alone and need to get ready for work. How do you manage with your babies/toddlers when you are alone and need to shower, cook or clean up? I usually let L. follow me everywhere except in the kitchen when I'm cooking (too risky!) and in the bathroom when I'm showering (he plays peek-a-boo with the curtain and tries to climb in!).  

{via Little Lottie Loves / photos ©The New Domestic}


  1. adorei as cestas. estou procurando alguma coisa do gênero para guardar os brinquedos do daniel.

    quando estou sozinha em casa com ele e preciso cozinhar eu coloco um monte de banquinhos em volta do fogão para ele não alcançar/chegar perto das panelas, mas estou procurando uma cerquinha. Para tomar banho, eu coloco ele do carrinho com o cinto de segurança, ele fica bem, tem um volantinho acoplado lá e ele se distrai bem.


  2. I've just come across your blog, I love it! We have also secured our children's room so it is safe and the only toys we have outside of there are in a basket, I think it's a great way to store them! we have the smaller one here from west elm:|basket|11|best|0|1|24||5&group=1&sku=2166593&cm_src=PRODUCTSEARCH||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Common%20Rule%20Top%20Wide%20Kitchen-_-

  3. They're so cute! I keep Emma's toys in a chest in our living room. I've always used a gate to keep her in a certain area when I need to. Especially when I'm showering, but now she's getting taller & I've caught her trying to climb over it. :\ I have no idea what's next!

  4. I was just thinking this morning that I need to get a gate for M's door. Like you, I have been letting her follow me everywhere but it is beginning to be too hard to cook etc because she is so into everything! At the moment if my husband is not home and I need to shower, M has to have one with me otherwise she finds precious things to throw down the toilet - her current favourite game! X

  5. For us, the gate on the bedroom door works really well. I was starting to feel bad putting L. in his playpen because he seemed to cramped in it. At least in his room he has plenty of space to make a mess!!

    @ Lenita - nunca tinha pensado colocar o L. no carrinho. Que bom que o Daniel fica bem ai. Como nos moramos no cinco andar, nao da pra subir o carrinho no apto cada vez que voltamos de um saida (o nosso elevador esta pequenissimo!). Mas adorei a ideia, viu! Bjs

    @ Jen - thanks for your sweet words and for introducing me to west elm. I love the basket you have!

    @ Hollie - a chest is a good option. And yes, not sure how long this gate will be efficient as these little people seem to find a way around everything but for now it does the trick!

    @ J - I definitely recommend the gate. we bought two from Ikea and they are great.

    Bisous ladies xx

  6. hi friend ! merci pour ton email qui m a fait tres plaisir :) Nous on a du mettre un gate en haut des escaliers mais le matin quand on se prepare, on laisse Oscar regarder Sesame street (il adore Elmo's world...obsessed !) Bon evidement la tele c est pas genial, mais ca marche et ca me permet de prendre une petite douche en vitesse tranquillou :)
    Les paniers, j'adore ! ma mere a les memes a la maison, sauf qu'elle, elle les prends pour aller a la douce vie au Pays Basque :) Bisous xx
    PS: super les vacances en Grece, veinarde !

  7. Emma follows me everywhere and we don't have a different choice because our home is very small. Cooking has been always the hardest time, but we always manage it somehow. Those baskets are beautiful, in Sardinia they make some baskets that are very similar. Have a nice day!

  8. What a coincidence. I just got online to look for a basket for our living room to store toys, blankets, and other baby items. I saw your post in my feed. Beautiful baskets!

  9. These are fab aren't they. I saw them on Little Lottie Loves too and knew one would have to be purchased soon for the room-that-will-become-the-nursery! But what colour?! xx

  10. I'd love to hear what others do when fellow moms need to shower and cook, too. It's so hard!! Love these toy baskets, too.

  11. Haha my daughter follows me everywhere! But when my son was little I used to pop him into his cot with some toys so I could have a quick shower.
    I love these baskets. Perfect for toys!

  12. Handmade, pretty and practical, love it! I can't wait to fill baskets up with toys too!
    Have a great weekend, xx

  13. haha i love your little disclaimer at the end!

  14. very cute, I have a little basket tote with toys in it, but these are so adorable! MY shower has a glass door so he sits on the floor and plays while i shower. As far as cooking, he is just getting mobile so i hadnt thought of that. He usually stays in the living room but imagine he'll want to follow me to the kitchen. eek!

  15. Hi! I bought my Saltwaters from the US. So much cheaper than they are in Australia. Even with delivery. It's strange how there are no stockists in Europe. I did once see them on a Danish online shop but I have forgotten the name..?? xx

  16. I like the idea of having toy baskets like that. They look so cute! Have a great day, sweetie

  17. We have a little basket just like this for our sons toys, they are excellent- easy to just throw stuff into at the end of the day. Do it- get one!

    xo em

  18. these baskets are beautiful! they don't look very big, though, so depending on how many toys you want to store in them, that might be a catch? we have a huge bin from DwellStudio, and it's awesome; you can fill it with TONS of things -- blankets, toys, diapers, whatever! :) i'd recommend that, too. xo


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