Friday, 26 August 2011


I'm free at last. And for three weeks. First good thing I am going to do on my holiday: sleep, sleep, and sleep! I can't tell you how good it feels to know that nothing (hello alarm clock) and no one (hello baby) will wake me tomorrow morning. Yes, as a working mum you get pathetically excited by these kind of things. Bon weekend tout le monde!

{image via La Maison Boheme}


  1. I know that feeling (minus the baby)! Enjoy your break - I hope it's a restful one :-)

    Sal x

  2. sleep sounds amazing! enjoy your break...I'm sure it is well deserved!!

  3. I'm not even a working Mum and the idea of no alarm clock is the most blissful thing. Have the most awesome of breaks lovely, you deserve it! xx

  4. good for you! you enjoy your vacation!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful break! This pic says it all:)

  6. Hi,

    I'm kind of Franglaise too! Well, in my case I'm French but speaking English at home with my man, mother of two, living in Paris...

    I like your blog very much and your baby is adorable.

    You're welcome to come and visit me:

    Have a great day/everning/night/morning!

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  8. I know exactly how you feel actually, right now! My husband and our two girls are out of town for the night (let yesterday). I thought I would wake this morning at 9.30am but alas when I checked the clock after not being able to get back to sleep it read 6.15am - I do believe the girls have messed irreparably with my circadian rhythm. Now I am at the start of an entire day to myself, and it is VERY exciting. I thought I would miss my girls but I know they're safe and having fun. I think my plans of sewing an entire wardrobe and visiting the newly renovated museum in the city is a little optimistic but you never know... xx


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