Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Red wedding dress.

I stumbled upon this incredible English country tea party wedding last week and was gobsmacked to see I knew the bride (we used to be a co-workers). But I was even more gobsmacked to see Marie-Claire wore a red wedding dress. Yes, red! And she looked simply amazing. Take a peep at the rest of her dreamy wedding day over at Annamarie's blog, the talented lady who took these stunning photos.

{photos ©Annamarie Stepney Photography / via Rock n' Roll Bride}


  1. That's awesome. Love the petticoat too. So much fun xx

  2. This dress is fabulous! Of course, I'm a sucker for red!

  3. wow! and the layers underneath are so pretty, too. what a fashionable bride :)

  4. must've been so exciting to realize that you know the bride! that dress is really lovely. my hats off to anyone who has the guts to break the mold!

  5. yes.... the wife of my husbands bed friend whore a red wedding dress and she looked stunning. It's a different idea and wornderful for those who can pull it off!!


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