Monday, 22 August 2011


Lots of time spent at Paris Plage this weekend. But the newish version, on the canal de l'Ourq. So much nicer and more relaxed than the quai de Seine. We ate ice cream, built (and immediately destroyed) lots of sand castles, played in the water and people watched. Sunday afternoon was so hot, we improvised a little swimming pool on the balcony so that one lucky person could cool off. It was great to have a taste of summer after endless days of grey skies.

Tonight my boys are off to Liverpool to visit the family until Friday. First time L. is going to take a plane and I won't be there. Though it's probably best as I'd stress them out with my irrational plane phobias. Lots to wrap up at work this week while they are away and I've some reading to do in preparation for our trip to Greece (it actually works. I read it before every flight).


  1. *sigh* your pictures are so delightful. I am totally missing out by never having been to France.

    Hope your flight is as stress-free as possible!

  2. paris plage is so good in the city, BUT, it's a HUGE inside joke for my french family and I....

    When I first came to france as a tourist in summer 2005 some french boys came up to my friend and I and ask if we were going to the beach to swim in the seine... I think they were partly joking/picking up american girls and I completely blew them off. Now every time I see "Paris Plage" I think this and my family always asks if I am going to the page....

    Have a great time in Greece! The islands are beautiful!! I cant wait to see all your photos!

  3. Love the pictures. Looks like so much fun. I just posted my weekend San Diego beach trip on my blog. Don't you just love the beach, so relaxing and kids always have so much fun.

  4. i think that we're on the same outings schedule, we took Limi to a very similar fountain on the Southbank in London last weekend....and then saw your pics of L on the carousel.

    enjoy your time home alone.....

  5. Lovely pictures! I have a lot of flight anxiety. I think I'll try reading the book. Thank you!

  6. I haven't stopped by your blog in a little while (it seems you're on a little break - I hope you're enjoying it!). Just wanted to say I adore this set of photographs! x


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