Friday, 23 September 2011

Bye, bye summer.

Autumn leaves

And hello autumn. I hardly had time to blink and here you are. Again. Already. I'm never really happy to see you because your arrival means that with the cold winter months are just around the corner. And winters in the north of France are long. Very long. This will be my seventh one and regardless, the damp and cold still get into my bones. But there's a bright side to you, autumn: Indian summers! And it appears that one is just on its way, especially for the weekend. So thank you for being sympathetic and holding off a little while longer on those crisp days and chilly nights. For after two weeks in Greece*, it will be nice to feel the hot sun on my skin again and pretend like summer is not over. At least for now.

Bon weekend!

* photos coming next week.


  1. oh yeah here's to an extended summer! Hope your picnic is super, good weather for it.

  2. Beautiful pic. The weather is perfect here in the centre. Not too hot nor too cold and not as many darn flies :)

  3. ... I LOVE FALL!!! Favorite time of year.... AND Normandy is so pretty during this time, and the clothes so snuggly! And the thanksgiving comes (I'm still an american! haha) so the food is so wonderful!

    Anyway, we are so lucky to have such good weather this weekend and it continues into the week!!! haha

    Summer hasn't said goodbye yet!

  4. We were boiling walking around the right bank today! 28 degrees at 5pm isn't bad going I'd say... :-) I hate winter also though so I understand your melancoly.

  5. i'm so glad you got a little taste of summer after the cold weather you were having. a little something to dream about during those long winter months.


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