Monday 19 September 2011

Nursery inspiration.

Thank you for the warm welcome back. You are too nice.

Our first day at work was not that bad after all. L. apparently didn't even shed a tear this morning and when I picked him up earlier, he ran towards me, threw his arms open and yelled "mummyyyyyyyyy!" followed by the sweetest I love you. Such a darling. I almost cried again! ;)

As I am still in the process of sorting through all the photos of our dreamy vacation, in the meantime I thought I'd leave you with the most mind blowing nursery I have ever seen. The lucky owner of this gorgeous room is 8 months old Eulalie though really, almost-30-year-old-me would be more than happy to sleep in a bedroom like this one. I think what I love most is how Claire and Paddy have avoided the classic nursery look and instead created a space which is so much more unique for their little girl. You can visit Claire's blog for the complete tour, but beware: One Claire Day is such a delightful place to hang out, you won't want to leave.

{all photos ©One Claire Day}


  1. Isn't it just the most insanely beautiful space. I've been looking at/stalking Claire's blog for days! Sounds like you had a lovely trip away

  2. Is that a tree branch holding up clothes and curtain? Adorable

  3. you are too sweet :) ...glad you love it.

    And I thought your first day back wouldn't be as bad as you'd worked it up to be in your head. We tend to do that sometimes! x

  4. aw that is a precious one, I love the warm vintagey feel to it :)

  5. Isn't it the most amazing space. So beautiful.

    Glad to hear the first day back wasn't too bad. That boy of yours is so sweet xx

  6. This looks like the most amazingly cozy and beautiful nursery I've seen. I would be more than happy to sleep in there too.

    Happy to have you back! Looking forward to your vacation photos!

  7. Lovely room! And yes, I've even got a Parisian gallery in mind for a show. Met the owner a few years back and been dreaming about it ever since!


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