Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Paris snapshots.

I had to snap a few photos of Paris on our way back home on Sunday. After five years, I love that I can still so blown away by the beauty of this city.


  1. These photos are beautiful! I just found your blog via Rachel's (elephantine). So glad I did!

  2. Absolutely one of my favourite places on Earth xx

  3. Beautiful photos!

    I spent two years living in Paris.

    I miss being there every day.

    Your photos reminded me of the butterfly feeling I get every time I get to visit x

  4. beautiful photos! the only time I visited Paris was when I was newly pregnant and had terrible morning sickness ( or all day sickness! ) These pictures have me yearning for another chance to go back and really appreciate the beauty of the city.

  5. Oh Paris, I love you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful city with us - and it looks so gorgeous through your lens!

    Happy happy Christmas to you and your family! See you next year! :)


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